• Hollow

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    An animation project of this concept can be viewed here.

    Just a shell of a man
    with no passion to live,
    No deeds to be praised
    or sins to forgive.

    With dreams that are empty,
    none to be fulfilled,
    No lessons to learn
    or values to instill.

    Bereft of all conscience,
    no soul to be sold,
    No concepts of evil
    or integrity to uphold.

    He’s void of a sense
    of what’s wrong or what’s right.
    Deprived of all will
    and a reason to fight.

    The shackles of indifference
    to which he is bound,
    leaves a verse without words,
    a voice without sound.

    A mind full of thoughts
    with a heart that won’t follow,
    leaves a spirit that’s empty.
    He’s nothing but hollow.