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Latest Blog Posts

The philosophy of Scooby Doo - 17 Feb 2016

SCOOBY-DOO & Shaggy were best mates. The friendship they shared was unconditional. They did not subscribe to some blissful bubble of happiness philosophy. They were scared shitless but they came back each episode.  More

Young boys and men learning masculinity in boxing clubs - 10 Feb 2016

I just read an interesting post on a Facepoop page for Sociology of Gender about a photographer that has captured young boys and men learning masculinity in boxing clubs. It’s sparked some interest for me in regards to the floundering fighting project that I’ve been working on.  More

Dog is Dead - 02 Jun 2015

Scooby-Doo is very pissed off! If DOG really is DEAD perhaps it is man that killed dog through his selfishness, arrogance and ignorance?  More

Dogs and Mirrors - 04 Feb 2015

Following is an interesting story about 2 dogs and a room of mirrors.  More

What is it all about? - 24 Nov 2014

This post relates to a photography project I’ve been working on for many years although for the past 6 months my motivation has ground to a halt as I’m having trouble seeing and feeling the purpose in it. I’m not a violent person but I love martial arts & boxing.  I’m sure that sounds like a total contradiction but I’ve met some wonderful and beautiful people in the sport… yet they punch people in the head as a profession. I find this opposing thought challenging and intriguing.  More