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Scooby Doo turns to the dark side - 15 Sep 2014

Feeling inspired by an excerpt from Goethe’s Faust and after years of disillusionment in fighting mankind’s corruption, Scooby Doo turns to the dark side in order to source some meaning to all the madness.  More

Welcome to the Culture of "ME" - 14 Aug 2014

This morning I read an article about Australian restaurants and cafe's enforcing a one meal per person rule due to financial pressure. More

Robin Williams - I sound my Barbaric Yawp - 12 Aug 2014

It was very sad for me to hear of the passing of Robin Williams today. His work has inspired me deeply in many ways especially the role of Mr Keating in Dead Poets Society that in some ways gave me the mentor that I've always wanted but never had.  More

Gene $immons - 06 Aug 2014

Having just read an interview on songfacts.com with Gene Simmons from KISS, it looks like another of my childhood heroes needs to be allocated to the “celebrity clown” basket. I’ve never really thought of Gene as the altruistic type but now it seems empathy is something that is way out his emotional depths.  More

The Lance Armstrong Lie - 04 Jul 2014

LANCE ARMSTRONG. What a pig of a man. Actually, I take that back as it’s an insult to pigs. Yet I can’t help but wonder… we have soulless corporations creating brands under the guise of having a moral social conscience and we have people like Lance using business styled brand models in the pursuit of prosperity and contentment. If I think from this business perspective, Lance’s biggest mistake was that he got busted.  More