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The Lance Armstrong Lie - 04 Jul 2014

LANCE ARMSTRONG. What a pig of a man. Actually, I take that back as it’s an insult to pigs. Yet I can’t help but wonder… we have soulless corporations creating brands under the guise of having a moral social conscience and we have people like Lance using business styled brand models in the pursuit of prosperity and contentment. If I think from this business perspective, Lance’s biggest mistake was that he got busted.  More

Don’t take it personally, it’s just business - 02 Jul 2014

What does it mean when people say “don’t take it personally, it’s just business”? Does this make it OK to do whatever is required to get by in our day to day work dealings?  More

Big Muscle - Small Dick - No Brains - 01 Jul 2014

I found this graffitti out the back of a Brunswick Gym a couple of years ago. Interesting to think that the statement probably says more about the author than it does about the people that it is passing a generalised judgement on.   More

Portrait of Nonna - 07 Jun 2014

An excerpt from Pencil Drawing - a look into drawing portraits by artist David J. Vanderpool  More

Existential Ambivalence - 02 Jun 2014

Meet "Norbet the Nihilist" and his extraordinary journey of exploration into existential ambivalence. This is a project that I started a while back and did as a Mixed Media piece but the theme seems to keep re-occuring for me.  More